An important part of consulting (and creative work in general) is not burning hours on the presentation of the work, but focusing on the content. But as we all know, presentation matters.

You gotta find balance.

Photo by Martin Andrle on Unsplash
  1. Play spa music in the bathroom for your guest
  2. Handsfree timer for face masks
  3. Protect your home (learn more about Alexa Guard)
  4. Walkie talkie (for those that have multiple smart speakers)
  5. Playing surprise music for someone in a different room
  6. Get a compliment (say: Alexa, flatter me)
  7. Read kindle books or audiobooks on audible
  8. Learn proper spelling or if something really is a word (scrabble players)
  9. Guided meditation to stay calm
  10. Find your phone! (say: Alexa, find my phone)

Raika Sarkett

VUI Designer for Alexa @Amazon and UX Mentor with @trydesignlab. All about data informed design, emerging tech, AI, bots, and building @braverytraining.

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